Hotspot in an image

Hi, I am not a developer but because my coworker left Sad( and I need to add hotspots to an image so it will have links to click and a popup to show up.

I am working in Moodle, specifically in a Moodle lesson activity. Anyone could guide me in what code would I need for that?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Hotspots and Resizing Images

I have a background image that does automatic resizing when the user maximizes their window. My problem is that the hotspots that I create do not stay in the same location when the user resize it ... I have tried many methods and none worked so far. I tried setting position to relative, fixed, and nothing. My hotspots move and go all over the screen when resized ...

I uploaded the file for everyone to see it.

I used DIVS for the hotspots and they don't resize at all and also their position does not match with the background.

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