A zoom-able user interface with CSS?

Hi guys, I've been surfing the internet for the past couple of days to view impressive webpages, and one i'm still mindblown by is: http://2011.beercamp.com/

I really want to recreate my own version of this (with my own text and pics) for fun, but I'm still confused as to how it works even after reading http://2011.beercamp.com/colophon/ .

Can anyone give me a recommended workflow as to how to teach myself advanced CSS and stuff like this? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!! Laughing out loud

odd layout using divs and CSS

Hey All,

I'm trying to make a table of rows and columns using divs.

I've got this on my page:

background-size: contain; not working in the updated firefox.

Hi there,

My pages (lets say this one - http://oziti.com.au/search-engine-optimisation-sem-ppc ) are having a problem in the updated firefox with the css property background-size: contain;
You can see the difference if you load the page in chrome. Any help in resolving this will be highly appreciated.


Css colapsing menu loading with all nodes expanded

Hi there. I'm learning to create a collapsing and expanding vertical link menu. I've created the menu using ul and li tags. I have given the tags IDs so that I can target them directly and such that other unordered lists are not affected in this manor of styling.

For some unknown reason, when the menu loads, the branches of the menu load expanded. and when I click the a branch, that branch collapses, but any other collapsed branches expand.

1. I'd like all branches to load collapsed
2. I'd like any branches I expand to remain expanded until I collapse it

Sample of the code:

Basic Issues with Page Layout

Hi All,

So I've decided to start using Google Web Designer, a desktop application for Mac/Windows. I made my first site (just one page for now), and I'm having a little difficulty with figuring a few things out. Here's what I'm struggling with:

• if you resize your window or even open the page on a differently sized monitor, it just stays where it is, it doesn't move to accommodate the size of your browser window.
• there is no scroll bar.
• when I hyperlink text, I'm required to make it blue and underlined.

If anyone has any ideas they'd be greatly appreciated!

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