Topmenu not visible in Browser: CSS or HTML problem?


I've just created acool topmenu with a css mnucreator program, but when I try to view it in my editor, only the last button is visible, and nothing is visible in my browser.
The page in question is

Here is the css code:

/* -- Horizontal Text NavBar -- */
.ExtraNav {
font-family: Arial, 'Lucida Sans Unicode', 'Lucida Grande', Verdana,  sans-serif;
.ExtraNav ul {
list-style-type: none;
padding: 320px 0px 330px 320px;
.ExtraNav ul li {
display: inline;
background-color: #009966;
text-align: center;

Help please?

I am working on a college project, a website, with one of my friend. I need to put a thing in it. It's like a frame on the mane page and a image(having 4 parts and each part is related to a subject), When i click on it it should move to that part and only that part of picture shows from the frmae.

I hope you get it please help.

Can an alternative font be displayed at a different size and weight?

Hi guys.

Here's my problem: I'd prefer Gill Sans over Arial. So I've got my line font-family:"gill sans",arial,sans-serif; in place, and it works fine. Gill Sans is loaded and seems to work. However, it's noticeably smaller and less heavy than Arial, so I'd like to specify a weight and size for each font individually, so that they display roughly interchangeably. At the moment I'm left with a bunch of whitespace because of Gill Sans' diminutive size. Obviously I can't work with the assumption that everyone has Gill Sans installed, so how can I rectify this?

Thanks a bunch.

"null Parse Error [empty string] " in the CSS Validator

Puzzled Hi All -- I am a newbie to all of this and stumped why my XHTML validates, but my local css come up with " 166 null Parse Error [empty string] " . I went down to line 166 and do not see anything incorrect? I posted the CSS from what my text editor (Text Wrangler) is from line 162 - 173.

As this is my first post, please let me know if I posted incorrectly or if you need additional information. I tried to do a search for this, but did not find anything.

Lines 162 - lines 173:

#footer {
border-top: 2px solid #999;
padding-top: 5px;
margin: 15px 15px;

Problem with lighbox2 and ul's in IE

I just learned html and css. Studying lightbox2 i was trying to create a folio page but had the following problems:

- Viewing in 1440x900 lightbox looks cropped and aligned left. Works right only on chrome and safari.

- ONLY in IE the unordered lists that hold the thumbnails looks wrong.

Tested in a free domain:

Can anyone help?

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