Issue with website toolbar

Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new at CSS but I'm getting the hang of it. My problem might actually not be with CSS itself, but it definitely involves it. I've attached two screenshots of my website's toolbar, one from Google Chrome and one from Internet Explorer. Each button in the toolbar has a specifically designated width in pixels. The toolbar fits perfectly in Chrome but for some reason, it falls short in Internet Explorer. This seems extremely puzzling to me because I was under the impression that a pixel is a pixel is a pixel.

Why is there space in between header and navigation?

If anyone can help explain to me why this is happening and offer a solution, I would greatly appreciate it!

I am eventually going to edit the images used to create these menu tabs so that the space in between them is the same blue as the header instead of white.

As you can see from the screenshot, below the header there is some blank space where you can see my striped background, then comes in my tab menu and main site content. I want the tab menu to be flush with the header. What am I doing wrong? Thanks to all for any help.


/* basic elements */
html {

How to create a dynamic panel in css

I have a question, can somebody help me to make a dynamic panel in my website.
I've made a prototype with Axure:
this will be placed in this website:

The small thumbnail pictures on the bottom right side must substitute the big picture at the lift side of the web page.
I don't know if it is possible in css or it has to be done in java..

IE7 Layout Issues

Okay so here is the issue. I'm new to web design. I have read several books and taught myself HTML, CSS, and tabbled in javascript. This is my first big project. Our library website badly needs and overhaul and I've been tasked to do it on the cheap. *whee for me* This is the website as it currently stands. It was designed by the previous director using Frontpage, and Frames.

This is the prospective replacement. - Source of Problem

Drop down menu does not function in IE

I have created a dropdown menu for my site.
The dropdown works great in Firefox, safari and opera but it does not drop down in IE.

The menu is displaying ok in IE but when you hover over a tab nothing happens.

This is the link There are two menus "navigation" which is the bottom category menu in grey and "navigation_blue" - which is the top bue tabs. I have the same problem with both menus.

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