Problem with clear:both dropping under side menu.

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem I am having with horizontally aligned images in a two column floated layout.

I can understand the reason that the problem occurs, unfortunately the solution evades me Tongue.

I have checked the how-to forums, and have googled and have yet to find a suitable method to fix this error without moving away from a two column floated layout.

Gap between elements in firefox 3.5.5 mac - HELP!!!

I am totally stumped on this one. When i have two elements positioned next to each other, sometimes and very seldom in firefox 3.5.5, and so far i've only seen it on mac, i get the attached issue. the css is totally different for both elements and seems to be happening site-wide in other places as well. it can be floated, absolute positioning, inline-block...

does anyone know what the problem could be or of any bugs this may be related to. these are elements with background images.


Can I create a 'double rollover' with multiple targets?

So I have a rollover sprite that's working just fine in all browsers. What I would like to do is make it so when one rolls over one of the links, text will be displayed below the sprite. So like, somebody rolls over the link labeled "Physical Therapy", and as they do so, below the image sprite is displayed a brief description of Physical Therapy; I need the same to happen for two other links.

I'm using the following code:

   <style type="text/css">
        .slide {
        position: relative;
        a.ban_1 {
        display: block;

Can I prevent one column in a table from wrapping?

I have tabulated information in two columns on a web page. I would like the left-hand column to be just wide enough to hold the longest piece of text, so that any wrapping takes place in the right-hand column. So far as I can tell, the "white-space: no-wrap" property would have to be applied separately to individual cells. Is there a way of avoiding this? It seems that CSS does not generally recognise table columns.
I have a couple of workarounds, but neither is ideal:

Trying to keep AdSense Leader board ad (JS) and an image on one line in IE

My site container is 1024 px wide and I'm trying to position a 728 X 90 AdSense image (Java Script) and an image I created (296 X 90 JPG ) to run next to the leader board image on the same line. The desired end result would be a smooth 1024 X 90 set of images acrossthe top of the screen (see attachment). I've tested it on Firefox for Mac and windows, Chrome, Safari, and IE 7. The 296 X 90 image drops down to the next line, running under the AdSense leader board instead of next to it on the right. Here is my website:

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