Superscript within anchor tags

My webpages include several anchors that have superscripted text in the labels:

My question is relatively simple:

Is there a way (preferrably using CSS) to cause the default underlining of the superscripted text to remain in alignment with the underlining of the adjacent normal text, instead of following the superscripted text upwards the half line?

So far, using text-align:super or the HTML sup tags result in the same jog in the underline. I can supress the underline altogether, but haven't been able to figure out how to get the underline to stay on the baseline of normal text.

Questions about CSS and stylesheets


I'm not good with CSS at all but recently I created a blog where I wanted to post this:

<style type='text/css'>
img.card { height:143px; width:100px; margin:5px; border:4px solid black; }
img.foil { height:143px; width:100px; margin:5px; border:4px solid silver; }
img.pick { height:143px; width:100px; margin:5px; border:4px solid gold; }
&nbsp;&nbsp;Pack 1 pick 1:
<img src='' class='card'/>

Navigation bar image display issue

I have created the navigation bar below, but the images does not display at all. In dreamweaver they do , but in Mozilla and IE8 not. Can someone please find the errors?
Many thanks!

[#leftnav a{
height: 40px;
#leftnav a#home{
background: transparent url(images/nav/home.gif) 0 0 no-repeat center left;
#leftnav a:hover#home{
background: transparent url(images/nav/home_h.gif) 0 0 no-repeat center left;
#leftnav a#faq{
background: transparent url(images/nav/faq.gif) 0 0 no-repeat center left;
#leftnav a:hover#faq{



html to css

I am a self taught web-designer. I am in the process of integrating a website with a shopping cart. the problem is that i would like the shopping cart to look like the website.

shopsite is our cart provider. They told me i need to have a css to up load to have template to upload.

I am using dreamweaver to develop the html. I need help with converting the html into css. (not sure if this is the right terms. Can any one help me.

also i am not too sure how to integrate a css to an html so more than one page can register the changes or template.

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