Need help with fixed background image

I'm building a website where I want to use this picture(attached) as a background image. My problem is that I always want the black box to be centered in the browser window, what ever screen resolution the viewer is on. So my intension is to use this background and then build divs over it. Does this sound like a good idea for coding or do anyone have a better way to produce this? Can someone please help me getting the code for the background straight?! I would be very pleased!


margin troubles in safari

dear members of css creator,

I'm working on a site about a street theater show from some friends of me.
But, now i'm placing images on top of an existing image (going to be a img rotator in php)
But, it looks oke in firefox, in ie but on a safari browser it is always a little to much to the bottom.
But, my friends both use a mac with safari so it really has to work good on it.

You guys got any idea what the problem is?

My regards,

P.S; example is: site

@charset "UTF-8";
body {

Vertical Sidebar Problem with too long text in list items

Hi everybody,

My first post...I can't find any answer in previous posts, so thanks in advance for any help!

First of all, to visualize the problem:

As you can see, I have two Div, one floating left (sidebar) and the other floating right.
In the sidebar menu, I have one list item with too long content that over flow (Assistenti, Dottorandi e Specializzandi). I'd like to wrap text, in order to display it in two lines, but keeping the formatting, with the height of the li#navitem auto adjusting with its content.

IE6 bug


My post is in reference to this site (in development):

In IE6 the global nav bar is wildly sensitive. Each global nav item has a drop down list and that drop down list gets generated even when the mouse is an inch below the bar (and its not usually even the drop down list directly above it.)

We've run out of ideas for how to fix this issue and so I was wondering if anyone in this forum would have any ideas.

Thank you

Can someone test/help my site?

Here is my site, only thing it is missing is news articles which I can't post just yet.
The Fan Network/Knetwork and gallery do not need to be checked.
The home button will work once I make the site live
I have checked my site in these browsers:
Mac: Chrome 3/4, Firefox 3.5.5, Safari 4.0.4, Sea Monkey 2.0.2
Problem with Firefox 3.5.5 is there is a blue box around the album image on the main page not on the lyrics page though, any ideas?

Windows: Internet explorer 8

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