Adding my style sheet to the HTML file, rather than an external link

Hi all,

First off, I'm really not a web coder, I have SOME CSS knowledge, but am not great!

I have a site, which is all working lovely, using a linked style sheet. I need to make a one off HTML email, using the same styled layout, but need to make my style.css local to the HTML file. I'm not having much success. I can see how to add the text stylesheet to the header, how do I do it for the style.layout?

So basically I need to have the styling for each div on this html page.

If it helps, this is my main template code:

IE 7, and 8 issues - weird spacing/overlapping

I've spent a few weeks on and off working on a site for my mom. Testing in IE 7 and 8 however, has ground any further development to a halt. I guess I'll start off by giving a link to the site (I've removed any real content / logos for now (but trust me, their removal had no effect on the issue). Please help.. I'd love to get this site up for my mom sometime soon.. preferably before Mother's day Wink

float vs relative?


Gap above the footer!

First of all, Hello everyone,
and thanks for watching or starting to watch this thread.

The site i'm going to refer to is : HERE u can also download a .zip file as it is (html,css+img) on the site.

So far everything i worked on, i managed to do what i wanted with it (with a lot of searching, etc)
maybe with some things i don't need, but i validated it and it seemed ok.

The only thing that keeps bugging me is the div with wich i fill the gap between the menu and the footer.

Help with text positioning!!!!

Hi! I am really new to this forum but i am getting desperate, i mostly design websites in flash, so i have completely forgot how to go about doing all this in HTML/CSS.

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