Background images divs aren't loading from external style sheet

Sort of new to this CSS stuff. I've checked my images locations, etc. - oddly, the background images show up in Dreamweaver's "Design Mode" but not in "Live Mode" or in a browser preview. Same thing when I uploaded my site. I've been pulling my hair out trying to solve this.

Here's my code:

Online Portfolio of Kim Rose

Problems with dropdown menu in IE 7

Hi everybody,
I created a simple dropdown menu with CSS and it is working well in Firefox, but of course there are some problems when I'm using Internet Explorer 7:

1) Both dropdown-topics (Site3a, Site3b) are shifted to the next menu-point (Site4), instead of beeing shown right under Site3.

2) In front of both dropdown-topics there are those listing points in the IE 7.

3) Both dropdown-topics (Site3a,Site3b) dont have the same width. Again, only in the IE7.

Heres the code:


Footer Background obscuring content that comes above it.

I am having a problem with a footer background image that overlays the content if the browser is re-sized smaller.

I'm getting closer - at least now my content will scroll up which is better but I'd love a solution where the footer would fall behind the content.

My latest version is here:

Messy css - I apologize as its in process at the moment.

I need help with my CSS code


I am just learning CSS and Dreamweaver at the same time. I have created a site with CSS and have created the site in Dreamweaver.

My problem (which I have tried to fix on my own for two days) is the blue rectangle at the bottom of the page.

This is my site:

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


Need urgent help with sIFR!

Hey all,
I'm pretty new with CSS/HTML so I'm coming here for advice! I'll try to keep it short.

I'm designing a site for a family member, which would be easy except for two things that keep snagging me up.

She wants Rockwell to be used for her logo


The site must re-size with the browser window

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