First website; minor drop-down nav bar issues and through site check required

Hi I have spent countless hours learning to use Deamweaver and understanding the basics of webdesign. This is my first website and it is probably 98% there... I have had it live for about a couple weeks now but I just need a little help to have it run perfectly.

I am aware of issues with my horizontal 3 tier drop down menu. On some browsers, the last tab (Resources) bumps down to a second line. I have also noticed (on most if not all browsers) when you zoom in or out it the nav bar jumps between one and two lines. Is this a simple fix?

WEEBLY and CSS background issues!! **NEWB needs help )-;

I've been working on this site -- -- and I seem to be having one super annoying problem with the CSS background. If you look on this page , you see the background doesn't fill the screen... I can't seem to figure out why. I've tried all different things in the CSS code but nothing seems to work!

Any ideas?

Anything you guys could give me would be a massive help as I'm at a total loss right now.

Here is the code:

display inline-block + reset.css (line height) causing padding below image?

Hi everyone. I have a container that I am using to display a "carousel" of images (basically a mask with a scrollable background that I am using jQuery to scroll).

The images are meant to have little icons in the lower left corner, and so I am applying a border to the LI, so that the icon can be placed in the up against the corner with absolute positioning (bottom 0, left Innocent.

I am using Eric Meyer's reset.css for the webpage, and that sets line-height to 1... I notice that with this set, It causes padding at the bottom of the image, which I don't quite understand why.

Can not get content list style to change without menu bar list styles changing as well...

I am fairly new to CSS, but I understand I need to specify which list style to use within the parent DIV, but I have tried everything I know to do. I am either getting the list style to apply to everything on the page or its not showing up at all. I have 2 navigation menu's that are inheriting the list style I am trying to apply only to the main page content. I have tried separating it from the rest of the page with both class and ID, but I am pretty sure I am missing something.

Website shows in Firefox but not in IE8 - Please help!

Hi there,

I am desperate to sort this issue out, and I cannot see what the issue is.

The site seemed to work fine until the other day when I swapped the navigation at the top of the site for rollover images.

Since then, it seems to have stopped working!

I have tried to delete all of the script out that was responsible, and just replaced the navigation with simple image files again, but it doesn't seem to be working in IE8.

Can anyone please specify the exact cause?

I am a total beginner, and any help would be appreciated.


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