How can I scale an image without it moving down the page?

whenever I scale an image It moves down a bit and I don't want it to. I've checked forums, tutorials and .pdf ebooks for an answer to my scaling question but have found nothing. Sad

Here's the code I want to fix (sorry but the scale is right at the bottom):-

.quarter1 {
-moz-animation-name: cona;
-moz-animation-timing-function: linear;
-moz-animation-iteration-count: infinite;
-moz-animation-duration: 0.5s;
-moz-animation-delay: 1s;
-moz-animation-direction: alternate;
-moz-transform-style: preserve-3d;}

.quarter2 {
-moz-animation-name: conb;

IE errors that most people aren't seeing

Hi, I am new to web design and have tried to get help but no one seems to be able to reproduce the error and or fix it. All of my pages except index.php load but have the following error message in IE8. I have tried on probably 10 different computers (all from different IP addresses and varying in age and operating system (XP, Vista, 7). I always get the error message but other people in other countries usually cannot reproduce the error.

My site is

and the error message I get is:

Webpage error details

question about css with TD alignment

I created a bit of sample code for a table. It works in "naked" HTML. When I put it into Wordpress, all the alignments go to left on me. After a bit of exploration, i found my problem happened because of a definition of td in a reset.css file.

Question about overriding a graphic bullet in a ul/li block


I am working with a Wordpress theme. Ifn their ul/li they use an out of proportion arrow bullet. In order to make sure any change I make will not be overwritten by the next update, I am trying to reclass ul/li. Currently, I have been able to turn of the oversized bullets in my sample, but I have been unable to get a standards bullet like circle or square to display in my ul/li case. This is a small sample that exhibits the problem. I am pretty new to CSS/html, so any insight would be appreciated.

BTW, the div inclusion is set up to match what I see in their html file.


hover, focus, and active within a list

I am using a list to create a navigation menu. It's class is "menu". In my stylesheet, I have some styles I want to affect ALL links on every page, and some just on the "menu" list. So I have:

a {
#menu a {
	padding:10.5px 11px 10.5px 11px;

These styles affect the menu links correctly. However, when I place hover, focus, and active classes outside of the menu class they do not work:

a:hover, a:focus {
	color: #ce6a2e;
a:active {
	color: #ce6a2e;

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