Header Layout, what can I do to achieve my goal?

So I have a little CSS experience but I always get stuck when I am starting out getting things in place. I am still new to CSS layouts and am trying desperately to clear my head of tables and that mind set. I have done some reading on CSS to understand and work with the code more but perhaps you guys can help me with this layout I am working on.

I am trying to get the right side stuff (headlines, logo, cd purchase) next to the girl on this layout. Here is a preview of the layout as it was in photoshop:


Here is what I have so far

dynamic shadow

If you see in the screen-shot, there is a shadow under the header. Now the header is dynamic (reaching one end of the page to the other, regardless of resolution size).

I have no problem making the effect in photoshop and attaching it to the header, but if i make it so long, and a lower resolution views it, it will cut off and continue on another line. I know there has to be another way so its dynamic.

How would i create that shadow effect where its dynamic reaching end to end regardless of resolution size ??

If you can provide some code, that would be helpful. Thanks!

Need help with header and css formatting


I'm attempting to learn CSS, so this is probably a very basic question, but I can't figure it out nonetheless.

I'm trying to create a header, which stretches across the entire screen (which I've done), and then create a div that's centered with a width of 864px (so it matches up with the bottom table). I also want to be able to place my logo on one side of the div and links aligned on the right side of the div.

You can see how I've set it up so far on danielwilkinson.me.

Here's the relevant CSS:

#header {
width: 100%;

Need Header and Footer end to end

Hello, hopefully i am posting this in the correct forum, if not my forgiveness.

-- You'll see (in the screen-shots) that the header and footer stretch from one end to the other of the website but the site body does not. Ive been researching the firebug code of it and just cant seem to put my finger on how to do it.

I wish to do the exact same. I would like to make my header / footer (im assuming be dynamic) to stretch from one end to the other without any problems (dont we all) browser wise and resolutions wise.

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