Dif Colors H1 Tag


I want to code an H1 header tag in which each letter has a different color. How do I do it with CSS?

Thank you!

Dr. T

modify the H1 tag for one instance only

Smile Hi, Is it possible to modify the H1 tag?

I have a strapline and I have applied a H1 tag to it to get the site text colour and font but I want the font bigger than the H1 tag. can I add a font size style to override the H1 tag font size?

Thank you.

Index Page & Other Page Title Widths

You'll have to excuse me, I'm a bit of an amateur referred from the Wordpress forums...

I'm currently putting together a wordpress website for a client of mine.

Having some trouble with the page title object.

On the home/index page it takes the full 911px width of the page and then my page content and right aligned sidebar appear below. This looks good!

On all other pages the title only fills the 565px content area width and so the sidebar moves up against the site nav header. This kind of ruins the consistency of the layout.

Different font within h1 tag?

Hi all,

For my website I am using two different custom fonts in my title. The question is, can I style this within my h1 tag? It seems I cannot get it right...

What I have now:

@font-face { 
	font-family: 'Nexa Bold'; 
	src: url('fonts/Nexa Bold.otf'); }
@font-face { 
	font-family: 'Nexa Light'; 
	src: url('fonts/Nexa Light.otf'); }
h1 {
	color: #ef5839;
	font-size: 70px;
	font-family: 'Nexa Bold', sans-serif;
	text-shadow:rgba(255,255,255,0.75) 0 2px 0;
	margin-top: 100px;
.regular h1{

SEO - What can I put above the h1 tag?

Hi folks,

I have done a search on this, and am struggling to find an answer.

I was wondering if it is possible to use special CSS tags above H1 in order to use as a kind of Master Header.

I am trying to make a Master header for my human visitors, but include the important keyword in the H1 tag underneath, to please GoogleBot.

Please see this link to view the 3 options:
www law-of-attraction tv/seo-question html
[sorry folks, but I had to remove the 3 dots, just get it to post]

Thank you.


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