picture gallery with links

Hi everybody,

I'd like to have a sort of (CSS-only) mini picture gallery where every image is a link to a given page of my website.
I'm using something like this...is it possible to link each single picture to a given url and how could I do it?
Thanks Smile


Making a "push" CSS gallery

I want to make a CSS image gallery/slideshow, which uses a sort of "push" transition — a bit like frames on a strip of film. After getting to the last image, the animation would restart the cycle by returning to the first image. Is it possible to do this using CSS3? What if I want the transitions timed?

Tableless gallery image

Hello, I'm trying to create a simple image gallery with a list of thumbnails to show the picture. In the past I used tables but now I'm willing to do it with CSS.

What i want to do is to click any of the thumbnails and change the image without reloading the entire page. As I already told you, I used to create different HTML documents for each image, which was a pain in the ass.

Any ideas of how to solve this issue?

You can check the website in here:

This code shows how the gallery is structured:

Adding a link to the image caption in a gallery?

Hello, all. I have a question about adding a link to the image caption in a gallery. In the photo gallery I'm working on, each large photo is displayed by clicking a thumbnail. When each large image is displayed by clicking its thumbnail, it needs to have its own unique image caption. Not that complicated, it is the next part that has me confused...

My issue is adding a LINK inside the image caption.

Gallery with floating photos and sidebar

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with my XHTML page. I have a gallery where are a floating sidebar (first div), main content (second div), floating photos (thumbnails) in main content (everyone in div) and short text in p tag (it's inside main content div in html). I would like to have this paragraph in main content div using css. My problem is when I set clear: both; for this text it shows under all content (sidebar is longer than main content div) but I would like to place this paragraph under the thumbnails in main div, not under all content??

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