Old fashioned checkbox hack?

I have a challenge and could use some help. I am styling a form where I don't have control over the HTML, which is written in a outdates way. I am making the CSS file. The form has a checkbox that appears ridiculously small and I have not been successful in changing its appearance. Urgently in need to help with this. I need to fix it tonight!

Here is the html:

<td class="data">
<input id="dn_new[77][XINFO12]" name="dn_new[77][XINFO12]" class="data" value="0" type="checkbox" visibility="hidden">

problem laying out forms, especially radio buttons

Hi, I'm new to HTML and CSS and am putting together a webpage about making websites as part of my first assignment for a web design course.

I'm having lots of trouble making my forum look tidy. I cannot get the radio buttons to line up side by side. I want it to look something like this:

Gender 0 Female 0 Male

My text area is also not aligning with the other input fields.

I have attached a link to my website folder if anyone cares to have a look. The files in question are formpage.html and form.css

Has anyone used GBCF-v3 and actually gotten it working?

I am trying to use the email forwarding code "GBCF-v3" and for some reason I can't seem to get it working.

I was wondering if anyone here had any experience using it that might be able to help.

Thanks much for the time...

css in JavaScript help!!!

just cant figure out why this wont work

if (sChkId=='chk2')

f3= form3
t1 = table1

Removing empty spaces on a table, and measuring and positioning form elements

Hi, i am working in the application: www.plantasic.es. The problem is on the table on the right top corner of the screen: perhaps the two images columns make the table higher, but i haven't the way of putting them without vertical spaces, since vspace is deprecated and the W3C Markup validator doesn't allow it. Thus, the table has the two rows of the first column higher than its content. Should i separate the images into table cells? Any other suggestion?

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