Footer wants to be in the middle!

Hi Guys,

I am stuck again Sad.

The page I am working on is:

I am using a master page where the footer is displayed at the bottom. But as you will see the footer is now appearing in the middle of the page. I have checked through several times to see if I had any

containers out of place but can't see any. I thought a fresh or more skilled pair of eyes might be able to tell me the problem.

Div Always At Bottom Of Screen

Hi all,

Here's my coding predicament. I have a div which I want it to always appear at the bottom of the browser.

So far I can only do it so that it's always under the content, or always at bottom of the screen (which means it overlaps as the content scrolls).

So I want this div to appear under the content or at the bottom of the screen...whichever is longer.

This is the code that makes it always at the bottom, therefore overlapping content:

#footer {background: url(/images/default/grass.png) repeat-x bottom; position: fixed; height: 97px; width: 100%; bottom: 0}

Absolute positioned sticky footer...

Hi guys

I'm new here but i have a question that caused me a lot of trouble.
Normaly when i create a full page with a footer i can stick it on the
bottom with height: 100% and height: auto !important tag.

Now i made a differant site with an absolute positioned div. It has a footer though and it needs to be sticked to the bottom of the browser. I tried the !important tag way but then it sticks tot the div not to the browser bottom.

Does anyone know how to cope with this?


HTML page:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

Footer won't stick in ie7. works everywhere else

Hi All,

I search through the forums here all the time. I was hoping one of the css gurus here might be able to help with a problem i'm having.

The footer works in everything i've tested so bar except for ie7. For some reason, it goes to the bottom of the window as the screen first renders and stays there. It doesn't clear floats to the actual bottom and then stick there.

Any ideas? Thank you so much in advance!


DIV with text does not push down footer


The issue is I have a DIV with text, 2 columns. The columns disappear behind the footer.
I would like the textbox to push down the footer. The footer is position fixed with bottom 0;

Here is my code, very thankful for all help I can get.


@charset "UTF-8";
/* CSS Document */
body {
* {
	margin: 0;
	padding: 0;
h3 {

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