Different font size for the same button

Hi Friends,
I've a template native css class for button, and would like to insert two texts in the button, the first text can use the template classes, for the second text (which is a disclaimer) I would like set carriage return and smaller text.

The page is this: https://www.staccoexperience.com/home/experience/

and the button should be so: https://ibb.co/iGp2sq

Actually I've customized the button only here:

.button.colored.outline, .button.colored.solid:hover {
    color: #fff;
.button.colored.outline {
    background-color: #cf9f24;

IE8 font manipulation

I finally got round to adding a virtual environment on my Mac to deal with running IE6 to check issues with styles.
Has been great.
Basically I have found by adding * in front of the secondary class it only affects in IE6.
font-size: 12px;
*font-size: 10px;

This has saved my life as far as IE6 goes.
Now the issue is that IE8 seems to be mostly compliant with the standard CSS codes.
However, because of the difference between fonts on Mac and PC, the IE8 layout sometimes has text moving out of a set size box.

Can an alternative font be displayed at a different size and weight?

Hi guys.

Here's my problem: I'd prefer Gill Sans over Arial. So I've got my line font-family:"gill sans",arial,sans-serif; in place, and it works fine. Gill Sans is loaded and seems to work. However, it's noticeably smaller and less heavy than Arial, so I'd like to specify a weight and size for each font individually, so that they display roughly interchangeably. At the moment I'm left with a bunch of whitespace because of Gill Sans' diminutive size. Obviously I can't work with the assumption that everyone has Gill Sans installed, so how can I rectify this?

Thanks a bunch.

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