Imported @Font-Face Font Kits only work in Firefox

I have a Wordpress website where the imported @Font-Face font kits are not working in IE 8. The strange thing is I have a development site that's the exact same where the imported fonts are working. I have no idea what the difference is. Also, the main site works in the latest version of Firefox so I know the imported fonts are there. Please help.

Here are the URLs:

Dev Site:

Steelfish is the main font that is most noticeable. It's used in the nav at the top.

Is this something you believe you can fix? Thank you.

@font-face not working with site-relative links(?).

Hey everyone,

I'm new here, and my first question: I have, for now, 2 pages on my website and the second is under a sub-directory in my site root (namely in a separate folder). So, in the index.html page in the sub-directory, I have just linked to my main.css file, but, the @font-face property does not affect the <h1> tags, which I want it too. The thing is, the @font-face property works fine in the index.html page in the site root; so the home page.

Is there some problem with the links I'm setting up? This is what my main.css file looks like:

@font-face {

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