Help needed with CSS elements for total Newbie

Hi Everyone,

I have some familiarity with HTML and CSS coding but I'm not sure how this works with elements.

I have a WordPress site with an animated table, the text in the table isn't legible as its not dark enough.

In the design platform I am given the option to add an element name so I can add custom CSS. I have named the element barchart.

I have then gone to add the CSS to the custom CSS section with an aim to set the body text of the Barchart to #4d4d4d.

Cannot get this to work

	text-decoration: none;
	font-family: "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
	display: block;
	text-decoration: none;
	color: black;
	text-decoration: none;

The links:visited will not work for some reason. It is purple and underlined and I do not want that at all! Please help.

text appears invisible in FB comments script

i have this code from facebooks social plugins

<div id="fb-root"></div><script src=""></script><fb:comments href="/**/" num_posts="10" width="500" c></fb:comments> 

and i need to change the font color for the comments

the comments color schem is dark and it on a dark background so, the text appears invisible

can this be done in CSS and if so how?

CSS font properties are causing trouble


I'm working on my site,

I want the title to be a different size and color, and I'm having trouble with this. It won't work.

I'm on Firefox

Here's the style sheet:

Theme Name: Milestones Montréal
Theme URI: <a href="
Description:" rel="nofollow">
Description:</a> Milestones Montreal, Wedding planners in Montreal, Canada.
Author: Tabish Bhimani
Version: 1.0 (optional)
Tags: milestones montreal
body {
background-color: black;
text-align: centre;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
font-size: 3em;
font-family: optima; 
a {
border: none;

Links should look like buttons


I´ve been trying to let a links list to look like a list of buttons using css. It doesn´t work like I wish

<title>Document Title</title>
<style TYPE="text/css">
text-align: center;
padding:0.5em 0;
margin: 0.5em auto
<p id="buttonlike"> <a href="index.html">One</a> </p>

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