Post title size

I'm playing around using Jetpack CSS custom and I succeeded in enlarging both post body size fonts and post title size fonts.

But the post title size is enlarged only when I am in home page, when I click on the post title to visit the actual page the post title size doesn't enlarge. How could I change it?

Home page: (title size 36px)
Post page: (title size smaller, I'd like 36px as well))

Here the customized CSS I put in:

.entry-title a {
	color: #dd9933;
	font-size: 36px;

Wordpress - change widget colour in header

Hi! I've tried looking everywhere for an answer, heres my question
How do I change the colour of the widget in my header? I want to keep the background colour the same. Someone else designed the site for me and not being helpful at the moment, looking to complete it myself.


Thanks for any and all help!

Font in a table

I have a web page that refers to a CSS document for its styling.

I have tried to style the font within a table to verdana but is still displays as times new roman? Anyone know Why this is? I have supplied code and screenshot.

In the CSS:

table {

The view: Click Here

Code for one row of the table:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" width="550" id="ContactInfo">
<td width="340" align="right">First Name</td>
<td width="10">&nbsp;</td>

Imported @Font-Face Font Kits only work in Firefox

I have a Wordpress website where the imported @Font-Face font kits are not working in IE 8. The strange thing is I have a development site that's the exact same where the imported fonts are working. I have no idea what the difference is. Also, the main site works in the latest version of Firefox so I know the imported fonts are there. Please help.

Here are the URLs:

Dev Site:

Steelfish is the main font that is most noticeable. It's used in the nav at the top.

Is this something you believe you can fix? Thank you.

Formatting in Article Preview

Ok, so I'm using Wordpress, with a theme called GoodNews. There's a feature called NewsBox, that provides an image and a preview of an article, as seen here:
Full article:

The preview of the article removes all formatting of the text from the original article, but what I'd like to do is override this to retain punctuation, paragraphs, etc..

What I need is to fill out the following section of my custom CSS:

.cat_article_content p {


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