CSS Fluid Header


This may seem like an obvious question but it is seriously bugging me at the moment.

I am trying to create a fluid header using css but it has 5 pictures involved instead of 3. I can get 3 and even four pictures to work as a fluid header but the 5th causes problems.

The layout for them is:

Fixed Image Spacer Fixed Image (centered) Spacer Fixed Image

For some reason, the first spacer causes the pictures to go to the line below the header.

Fluid Divs and Relative/Absolute Positioning

Hi All,

First post so go easy!!!

I have a page layout that's going pretty well (so I thought) where I'm using position:relative containers and positioning divs inside containers using position:absolute. All works great.

However, I've come across a snag. I want the central 'content container' to be fluid, as dynamic content changes. Otherwise the footer div will be all over the show.

Here's a rough layout (pretty much standard)

[master wrapper] fixed
[ [header] ]
[ ]
[ [ ] ] want this bit to be fluid
[ [content] ] but with some elements

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