Hi, I am not that good at CSS so I am having difficulties in managing a small problem. I want the text in a plugin I bought, to wrap around the picture. I have tried but not managed to figure it out.

Is anyone in here capable of helping me with this tiny problem?



header problems

Hello fellas,

please go to www.ukvehiclesandspares.co.uk and advise me on how to shift the "Subscribe for deals" floating container to the left so that the left edge joins the right edge of the "Header"


Header Layout, what can I do to achieve my goal?

So I have a little CSS experience but I always get stuck when I am starting out getting things in place. I am still new to CSS layouts and am trying desperately to clear my head of tables and that mind set. I have done some reading on CSS to understand and work with the code more but perhaps you guys can help me with this layout I am working on.

I am trying to get the right side stuff (headlines, logo, cd purchase) next to the girl on this layout. Here is a preview of the layout as it was in photoshop:


Here is what I have so far

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