css absolute positioning shows different in safari


This is racking my brain!
I've tried everything.

The CSS absolute positioning shows different in safari. In Firefox it's perfect.

How do I get it to work in all sites.

Also, the sizing changes the site as well. Is there a way to make it stay the same size despite the browser size?


CSS Layout Borders

I have two DIVs side by side enclosed with header and footer DIVs. I want a border between the two DIVS that stretches between the header and footer DIVs.

When I set the right hand DIV to have a left border it works only if the right hand DIV has a greater height. (The height is dynamic according to how much text is placed there. I do not want to move the border on a daily basis as the amount of text changes).

Two examples
Correct: The border goes all the way down. (Because the right hand DIV has a greater height than the left one).

Layout Issue using Float property

Hi All,

Trying to make a simple layout but failed miserably. Need your support to correct it.

What I am trying:
1. Making a main container
2. Dividing the main one into two container : left and right one
3. Putting some button on the right container.

			#main_c {
				border:1px solid green;
			#left_d {
				border:1px solid yellow;
			#right_d {
				border:1px solid blue;

Trying to Better Understand Grids

I am still new to CSS and have much to learn. I am trying to understand placement in a grid, with say, pictures and then content I want to sit to the left or right of said picture.

Let's say I have a 12 column grid I want to use for my page, each labeled accordingly starting from left to right from 1-12 respectively. So I have a picture I want to left align in column 3 that spans across through column 5. I then want to have column 6 blank and left align some paragraph text that will span columns 7-10. How do I do this?

EASY: Two columns side by side

Just a quick question in, I'm working on a little demo project and I'm trying to get to div columns to sit side by site but there misbehaving.

Link to demo page:


I can get them to sit side by side if I adjust the percentages in the "width" rule. but what happening now is that the "wrapper" div is not encompassing the "nav" and "main" div pretty much give me what I currently have now.

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