Need help with fixed background image

I'm building a website where I want to use this picture(attached) as a background image. My problem is that I always want the black box to be centered in the browser window, what ever screen resolution the viewer is on. So my intension is to use this background and then build divs over it. Does this sound like a good idea for coding or do anyone have a better way to produce this? Can someone please help me getting the code for the background straight?! I would be very pleased!


Div Issue With Firefox

Okay, I have a very strange problem and it appears to only be with Firefox though I've only tested with FF and IE8. As with any normal layout I have a container DIV and two floated DIVs inside the container for my sidebar and content. Here's the problem and it doesn't do it all the time: the DIV with hosts the content will sometimes drop down below the sidebar DIV instead of floating next to it. Strange thing is that it only does it occasionally. I've include two images to help you see what I'm talking about:

This is the correct layout:

no link in safari when using float: left

I have a page that works fine in IE, FF, Opera etc but the links aren`t working in safari. There is a set of 5 images in the body of the page that have float: left applied to them to make sit side by side.

In safari the links don`t work, if I remove float: left then the links work. Here is the page

the css is

and here is the html and css in question

<div class='boutiquecategory' style='margin-left: 80px'>

Please help check my site ( having big time problem with IE that causing my drop down menu not showing up )

Hi guys,

Can i post my site that using blogger template here as i facing problem with IE with my top menu out of alignment and i couldn't find the source of the problem.

if possible please help me find out where is the problem as that problem is making my link not showing up in IE and even worse in older version of IE .

1stly i have 2 site but both using same template and only the one that using having more problem than the other one that is using own domain and i don't understand why.

Thanks a millions....... below are the details


Slider *ie* Help Please!


I'm having a few issues with my css file.
My slider is not showing up at all in ie, and the menu is a little bit off.
Can someone please help me?

Here is the test page:


Here is the css code for the slider:

a img {
border : 0;
div.wrap-header {
width : 661px;
text-align : left;
div#top div#nav {
float : left;
clear : both;
width : 661px;
height : 52px;

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