Positioning problems. Fixed positioned ads on either side of a webpage.

First, let me say that I am still learning CSS. I only just dove into this 3 weeks ago so please excuse me if this is a basic fix.

I am working on a site that has to have fixed positioned ads on either side of the page (the goal is to have the ads float with you as you scroll). The problem is, (other than IE not even coming close to rendering it correctly) when you resize the browser or view it from a smaller screen the ads either cover the main content or float off to the left.

Need help with css text

Hey guys look at this pic first

What I want is the text ( Friends , Fans) to appear right beside the count of fans on the same line
Like oon the Image below that I modified with paint.

So there is my codings ( I know it makes no sens and I can do it better but I dont know how)

<div> <!-- float container -->
  <div style="float:left;"><img src ="wp-content/themes/cheetahtheme/images/face.png"></div>

IE7 and sidebar problem

Hi everybody,

got a little problem here with IE7, sidebar floats off the page Smile
Meaning the red banner in our case.
it's wordpress with a bought theme (with apparently non existent support)

What should i change in css ?

juukse ravi


And another question:

I would like to use text-align:justify foe all the pages and posts, where should i add it ?

Window resizing affects the CSS layout


I am trying to create a layout with the header and footer at 100% width while the container has a width of 940px. I have seen an example of this on blogs and news websites. Instead of floating the contained content, it has the appearance of being anchored to the top and bottom of the page.

Also the website I am creating has only a few pages so I've placed the navigation within the header. The navigation is centered by using absolute positioning.

Page Layout Alignment

Hey Guys,

Simple question which probably has a simple answer, how do I align two pieces of content horizontally? It seems that when adding one piece of content it will push the other down out of the way instead...

I know this is basic layout CSS but probably the only thing in basic CSS I do not understand! Sad


#content_map {

height: 350px;
width: 425px;


#content_contact {

height: 350px;
width: 300px;
background: #FFF;

I want these two pieces of content in line with each other horizontally with say.. a 10px gap between them.#


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