How to Align a Div in Center Right of webpage and How to Float it along with the scrolling...

How to Align a Div in Center Right of webpage and Fix it in there, i mean it should be in the center right of webpage when users scrolls too, i want it to move along with the scroll.

Here is live URL where i have my buttons aligned at center of webpage but when we scroll the button does not moves along with it, its sticked Sad


P.S. I hope you are getting what i am trying to say.

align floating columns

Hi, I'm a web designer but total newbie on the development end. I'm trying to fix some problems the developer left us with and have fixed all but one: how to top-align the two columns on this page:

I've tried changing the padding, margins, enclosing the columns in a wrap, etc. but I can't get the sidebar to align at the top with the box on the left. Here's the code from the PHP file (with CSS below):


 * @package WordPress
 * @subpackage adility


Please Help I know it's sloppy but I can't get it to work correctly in firefox or chrome IE works fine.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
Employee Call Guide
<font size="4" face="arial" color="black">
<img src="ecg\images\headertest1.jpg"></center>
<center>This Page is best viewed with<br>
<IMG SRC="ECG/images/IEICON.gif"></center><br>
<BODY BGCOLOR="c0c0c0">
<font size="3" face="arial" color="black">
<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#6699CC">

Cannot get images to show or align right

hello, i'm playing around with some different css trying to learn. i am a big newb at this, so maybe you can help me. i cannot get my images to show, and i don't know how to align them probably. the url is

the html code:

Positioning problems. Fixed positioned ads on either side of a webpage.

First, let me say that I am still learning CSS. I only just dove into this 3 weeks ago so please excuse me if this is a basic fix.

I am working on a site that has to have fixed positioned ads on either side of the page (the goal is to have the ads float with you as you scroll). The problem is, (other than IE not even coming close to rendering it correctly) when you resize the browser or view it from a smaller screen the ads either cover the main content or float off to the left.

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