tumblr theme: alternate positioning of content and sidebar


I'm using tumblr and develope my own themes. I'll now try to optimize my current theme, remove unnecessary stuff and so on.

My question: Is there an alternate way to position two containers next to each other?

I'm currently using a fixed width on my content/sidebar and float left or right to position these elements within a container. Therefor I need an extra container around them where I can apply the clearfix-class to clear my content/sidebar. I want to remove this useless container and now I'm looking for a method not to float the two containers.

Problem Layout

I use HTML5 and element for aside inside 3 element one left and one center for video and one right for sponsor but one element left empty no text or image but i already setup width 120px but view browser one element left no show space so any one can help me thank you.


help with clear both property in css positioning

Hello smart people,

I am trying to redesign my shopping cart so that it works in mobile devices. The interface I originally developed uses frames and part of the redesign is to get rid of the frames. Here's an example of the framed interface-


Here's the interface I am working on-

Wordpress banner alignment help

hi guyz
i want some help as i m designing the WordPress theme form my office i am facing problem as
the main page contain huge header that covers all the screen the problem i m facing is that i am unable to make the header align Center plz help
it will display differently on different screen resolutions
plz suggest me what to do
this is the url of my site:

and this is the original company url

i m converting this site to wordpress plz help me

Broken layout in IE9 but IE8 is fine, can anyone give me some helps?

I'm confusing about the Header's layout rendered in Ie8(and other modern browsers) is fine, but not in ie9, and the CSS seems to not displayed in ie9 well... I really don't know how to fix it...what I'm thinking is that possibly relative to the "float" property ? or the hasLayout problem? (I am sorry for some reason that i don't have the full original code right now.)


here's the css code:

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