Hiding flash content until loaded in IE browsers

Hi, I have a flash object which I want to hide until fully loaded, I have the event firing when the flash is loaded so there is no problem to show when fully loaded.
I managed to hide it quite easily in all modern browsers, however I can't see it make it work on IE browsers (ver 8,9...), seems like there's nothing I can do to hide the flash object while loading, can someone help? i needed a tested solution if possible tired of trying useless solutions.

Yet Another Flash Games Website

Hi there everyone!
My friend (the designer) and I (the programmer) have made this website, which we think rocks in design compared to all the competitors (y8.com, kongregate.com, miniclip.com, etc..)
We have not done much for promoting quite yet, nor is there really that much content -
but what do you think of the design? Smile
Please notice, among other things,
the %-based design
the very "big" design
the clouds
the shadows
the fullscreen feature of the games

Check it out, and have fun: http://www.porkygames.com Laughing out loud

CSS/Flash Conflict in Safari

I have a drop down menu that overlaps an embedded video. The elements are layered using Z-Index and work fine in IE and Firefox. However, since upgrading to the most recent flash player release, it somehow causes the CSS to break when the drop down elements are over the video and redistribute themselves in a strange way (see screen shots)

This is how it appears in firefox (which is how it should look):

and this is how it appears in Safari:

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