Slider on a diffrent spot in IE and Firefox


I have a question about my CSS style Sheet in Wordpress. I manage a site called Jimmyclash, but the slider shows a diffrent spot in IE than in Firefox. Could somebody help me with this problem. THNX. Smile

/* ----------------------------------------
---------------------------------------- */
#slider-wrapper {


Contact form displaying diffrently between ie9 and firefox- Div not nesting properly in firefox

This is my first post so please bear with me.
First off I've tried to validate the page and as far as i can see the errors coming up are unrelated to the problems i am having.( All the errors refer to the actual contact for inside the middle2 div. And i have no idea how to fix them, but i'll tackle that later.)I've also used the doctype suggested ()
My problem is:
I have a div called .middle2 that is supposed to go inside the #box. this happens on IE9 no problems.

CSS buttons viewable in Safari and IE but not Firefox

So I'm really not great with CSS so many I made a really obvious mistake that you can help me with. The navigation buttons at the top of the page show up perfectly in Safari, IE and Google and the image does not show up in Firefox. I have this rollover effect on the buttons which I'm sure is causing the problem and i will just take that off if need be but if anyone can help me fix this I would be so happy. This problem is making me crazy. You can see the page itself at and open it in Firefox and some other browser to see what I mean.


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