On Firefox HTML input overflows on the right in a CSS grid

My CSS grid has the following stylesheet :

<span id="declaration" class="declaration" style="grid-template-columns: 80px 10px 150px; grid-template-rows: 10px 10px 20px;">
.declaration {
    display: grid;
    margin-top: 20px;
    grid-column-gap: 5px;

The leftmost element of the grid has the following stylesheet :

<input type="text" id="etiquette" class="etiquette" title="label" style="grid-column: 1 / auto; display: initial;">
.etiquette {
    grid-row: 1 / span 2;
    margin-left: 5px;
    margin-right: 10px;

Ligatures not showing up in Firefox/Chrome

I'm trying to get the ligatures for a webfont I created to show up in Chrome and Firefox and IE; they currently only appear in Safari and iOS.

I'm trying to get the ligatures to appear on a larger site, but for the sake of testing, I create a simple HTML page here: http://partyglamourshop.com/joomla/ligatures.html

1. I created the webfont using fontsquirrel and made sure to include the unicode characters that have the ligatures that I want to appear on the page. I double and triple checked that they are in the woff, eot and svg files.


i have a problem with the css rule display: flex. Well to be honest, the problem is with the Mozilla FireFox browser. Every other browser displays the page as i intend it to display, but with firefox there´s a problem.
I have a container with the class of promo that holds tree colomns with the class of coluna.

The CSS is as folows:
.conteudo .promo {
max-width: 100%;
flex-flow:row wrap;
.conteudo .promo .coluna{
width: 30.3333%;
padding: 5px;

Firefox CSS scripts for website layout's modding

Hope you can help with this, since i can't get any decent support from the firefox extension developer[s].

Nivoslider slideshow issue with firefox

My nivoslider slideshow on my index page shows us correctly in chrome, IE 10 and opera.
Only in Firefox it shows us up on the right side.
Here is my site: http://www.colombian-emerald-jewelry.com/

How can I fix this ?

I appreciate your help

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