Need help trying to change the send button to square edges and no border

Hey very new to all this. I'm trying to change the button on this form. It's a Dubsado form embedded into a Showit page.
I want it rectangle with sharp edges not rounded and no border. Dubsado does some control over the button.
It's on this page -


Create a color pallet with a modal window

Hi Folks!

I have a modal window that I want to populate with color swatches (essentially a color pallet). I'm looking for a pure CSS3 solution, however inserting li's with the three sample colors in the code below are not nesting inside the pallet. Can anyone please help? I've been stumped all day. I stripped the HTML down to basically nothing, but left all of the CSS:

<style type="text/css">
.pallet, .pallet_arrow_right { 

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