CSS background images + template not working


First off, I apologise, because I know I'm supposed to print my code, but I built my site in Dreamweaver, using the wysiwyg designer, so I'm not so sure how to go about getting the code. I also tried to read the doctypes link from the stickies, but I got an error message. Sorry!

I created my site in DW CS4, and have never used CSS before, so it's very very new to me.
I need to get the site I am working on, online, asap, so I'm starting to stress big time.

The address is www.pawsitiveleads.com

A css site with javascript using a cms

Hi I hope I am not going to embarrass myself! I have been working for awhile and think I have something that is worth asking for feedback. Tongue

I have been working to convert my static html site made with dreamweaver into a dynamic site using the MODx cms system. You can find the static site at the website linked in my name, and the current modded site is at http://dev.m289.net/

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