IE 7- div with z-index=2 has positioning problem

Hi All - I am new to the forum so I will do my best to post an intelligible question. This is my first pure CSS layout. Looks great in IE 8, Firefox, etc. - IE 7 or 6 takes the sun-face logo and moves it to the right side of the layout. Also IE 6 I guess doesn't support PNG transparency, which isn't a big deal as the page still is readable, but when the logo jumps to the right side, it covers the nav bar.

Here's the page:

Here's the main CSS:

CSS makes content disapHpear?

I'm making a website to a client, and I'm guiding mainly for Firefox, but after checking the website in other browsers like Chrome and IE, I saw that in this other browsers, it seems to crop part of the page after a div, I just don't understand why.

Please check this webpage in Firefox and in IE / Chrome.

Any suggestions?

DIV centering

Ok people,

I have previously been interested in tables and centering now im moving to divs.
Is the a way to center content in a div, center it both left/right and bottom/top, the div is 150px x 120px with a border. The div will house one image per div and bascially i want the centre point of the picture to be on the centre point of the div. basically if there is an image that is 140px x 100px there will be a 5px gap from the top and bottom border and 10px gap from the left and right border.

Make sense, its seem like it should be rather it?

DIV hover and links

Hi everyone,

Ok below is the code, i was wondering if someone could help me. The problem, when the user hovers over the div it changes colour as intended however it moves to the bottom right (by what looks like one pixel) what am i missing or what is it doing? a solution would be appreicated

Thanks in advance,

.boxbox {
border: solid #00fff0;
/*background: #00fff0;*/

.boxbox a {


Dynamic Overflow Div

Hi I have a website that has dynamic content in it and I am trying to make it so when the div section is bigger the shown it grows to fit the content is there a way to do this?

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