CSS - TextOverflow:auto for fixed width, does not expand the background color of div tag

Hi All,

My apologies if similar post already exists. I am creating one as I could not find any posts exactly matching the problem I am facing.

I have fixed width nested div tags with text that overflows. (refer sample_html-textoverflow.txt file, rename extension to .html). I am using Textoverflow:auto for displaying scrollbar. and it works fine as desired. But the background color for a div tag, is not getting overflowed along with the text.

Kindly help.

Navigation alignment?

I am trying to have my navigation span the entire wrapper div content but keep the navigation links right justified, how would I go about doing this?


"Wrapping" div objects around another one

Hey there,

I wonder if it is possible to arrange several div elements in a way that they float around another div element like we know it from text that wraps around a div element.

As you can see in the attached image the text wraps nicely around the orange div element. The blue lines are the top and bottom borders of a row of div elements (and, as I haven't used any margin-right expressions, they reach until the very right end).

The thing is I cannot use any fixed declarations (like margin-right:50px), as I want the text containing div elements to be flexible.

Problem with pisitionong a Div inside another Div

I am trying to position a navigation bar from the left side of a div(header) without any padding value(without any space.I would like to position the nav exactly where the content div is started(Red line border) but I do not know why it is not working!

Can you please take a look at following link and let me know why I can not


as you can see there are space at the left side of the nav and title tag but how I can get rid of it
I tried to set the width of nav as "width: 95%;" but it didn't work

Position AddThis Button, Google Translate Menu, and Title in DIV

I'm new to web-design and I am struggling with the placement of the Google Translate Tool menu on my website.

I would like to place the menu in the upper-right corner of my website above the AddThis Button. The AddThis Button, Translate Menu, and my website title make three elements I'm struggling to position - I would appreciate advice on how to position all three. Here's my site: www.swietking.org/new

The stylesheet is available here: www.swietking.org/new/css/styles.css

Thanks for your help!

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