help me with css and dive tags.

i need a help with using css & div tags 4 creating my webdesign.
i wana design a Joomla! template with dive tags and...
the problem i have is to use dive tags inside other div. the insider div is my content div, where my content is showing in it. like my menus, pictures, articles and..
i show u a sample here. in my sample u can see how the insider div tags are growing oversize and my parent div do not change it's size.
i wana the parent tag change its size when the content div grow bigger.

this is my sample:

Reusing div tags on other pages

I did my CSS div tag based layout for the home page. For the bio page
I would like same structure but different content. I duplicated the index.html page,
renamed it Bio.html, however when I change content for one of the divs it also affects the Index.html page. Whats
the best way to have different page backgrounds in the same structure on different pages? Smile Smile



What is messing up the index page of my forum website??? 4 closing div tags?

Hi, I've been creating a forum website and had 2 forums up for testing purposes and I went to add a third and fourth last night and it threw the bottom part all out of wack.....

see here:

Keep in mind that the forum website is built w/ php, and there are many included files..

The page that is throwing my index page off is the forumlist_body, the way the forumlist_body works is that it starts with and right underneath displays this code:


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