lightening strikes animation on webpage

hello, i need help;
ive used and basically copy pasted the code, but i need it to go over the whole page and i want to change the backround to invisible, so i basically only have the lightneing strikes.... can someone help me out?

Weird issue in Safari

Hey everyone,

I have run into a frustrating issue with Safari and my CSS that I cannot figure out. When I preview the site in other browsers, even older IE it looks great.
Image of site in browsers

DIV styling and presentation

Hello all!!

Before I begin, I would just like to say that I am a css virgin and currently trying to learn how to handcode css in the hopes of becoming an efficient and creative web developer. I am currently following a book called "Designing without tables- using css 2nd edition", published by sitepoint and trying to recreate the following website using the code presented in the book in a logical and ordered way:

So far, my website looks like this:

I've used css to style the portion of the text in here:

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