How could I create first websites

Wink I need some help on building websites. What is the idea of what website to build to get a job. Should I design from scratch or get to recreate a website. What else can I do to call the employers attention.

Parallax Item in a Squarespace Marquee template

Hi there, I manage to add a logo in my page description using this custom CSS:

But the image is overlapping the description. How can I move only the logo up or do something else to get a visual result similar to this: (Adidas original is never finished)

Here's my site:
(to access just click VISITOR and type the code it gives you)

I need some layout ideas for my site

Hi there,

I have this site: which acts as a Romanian dictionary. Please give me some ideas of design and how could I make it look better.
The css is based on foundation.

Looking for feedback prior to moving to development.

This is the old/current website -

Here is the final design comp of the redesign -

Please let me know what you think. I look forward to creative criticism.

Thank you in advance!

Website design feedback before I move into development.

Well, I finally got around to designing my portfolio website! I would like to get some feedback before I move into development, just encase I'm headed in the wrong direction.

Please keep in mind most of the content is for placement only (images and some copy).

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the design and layout.

Thank you for your time!

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