(IE8) Internet Explorer 8, adds extra padding/margin to UL


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I'm in the process of developing a site for a client and am having problems with IE8 and UL lists. ScreenGrabs below, One is form IE7 and one from IE8. I'm trying to find out why ie8 is applying extra spacing at the moment and have reset everything for testing. The menu items should but right up to each other at the moment.

If anyone can help that would be appreciated.




This list style is driving me crazy!!!

I am fairly new to CSS, but I understand I need to specify which list style to use within the parent DIV, but I have tried everything I know to do. I am either getting the list style to apply to everything on the page or its not showing up at all. I have 2 navigation menu's that are inheriting the list style I am trying to apply only to the main page content. I have tried separating it from the rest of the page with both class and ID, but I am pretty sure I am missing something.

What's with th <ul> tag?


CSS formatting - trail or error?

I have uploaded my new home page, it's XHTML with a CSSReset linked style sheet and master styling sheet.

see: http://www.spindlelegs.co.uk/index_test.html

I am mixing it up with hand coding and the auto style generation dialog box inside DMW CS4, admittedly I am not the worlds greatest coder but I cannot see why, specially in the footer, the browser is formatting the ul tags to be tabbed in so far. It screwing up my layout!

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