page-break doesn't work if we want to start a paragraph from one page and finish it on the next one.

Hi guys,

I repost this topic because the first one doesn't appear I have no idea why.

I would like some advise about one problem with pagination and I even don't know if it has solution.

The context is with twig and symphony.

I generate a PDF document
This PDF document can be in one or more than two pages.

All elements are well positioned and it work except for one row who can be longer and so it will start automatically on new page.

for iOS devices: possible to use tabs?

(I'm using css3/html5)

I used tabs to create 3 columns with vertical rule in middle and right columns. The vertical rule is the same height in both columns (that's the way Iwant it).

1. Is it possible to use tabs when I create a css style sheet for iOS devices (smartphones & tablets)? If so, I have no idea how.

2. Or do I need to use floats?
I didn't use floats because the vertical rule's height is dependent on the height of the text w/i each float. And therefore is uneven because there's more text in middle column than the right column.

Sticky footer conflit Here is the tutorial I'm following. But my content is absolute positioned, which is causing a conflict, and the footer is not going down at the very bottom of the page. So how can I solve this?

Full browser <video> issues

Ok, my first attempts at HTML5 video, and none too impressed. Before I give up, and revert to flash can someone help? My code is extremely simple- I used Firefgg to convert my master .mov to webm format. It plays fine locally from the desktop in Firefox, but once uploaded all I see is a black screen. Also my .mp4 (h.264) video plays fine on the desktop in chrome/Safari but as well chugs badly ( 1 frame per second?)once uploaded to my server. Any tips or suggestions welcome!

<html lang="en">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

Sliding Div using CSS and HTML only is it possible

hey guys,

I'm looking to create something like this Demo (demo is a bottom of page)

Using only CSS and HTML, and it's specifically for the ipad, I suppose webkit may also be able to help with this. Just hoping someone know's if this is possible and how to do it. I have googled, so please don't tell me to go look my self as I have tried the obvious.

Thanks Heaps in Advance Smile


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