Imported @Font-Face Font Kits only work in Firefox

I have a Wordpress website where the imported @Font-Face font kits are not working in IE 8. The strange thing is I have a development site that's the exact same where the imported fonts are working. I have no idea what the difference is. Also, the main site works in the latest version of Firefox so I know the imported fonts are there. Please help.

Here are the URLs:

Dev Site:

Steelfish is the main font that is most noticeable. It's used in the nav at the top.

Is this something you believe you can fix? Thank you.


I"m trying to use CSS3 @font-face and can't get it to work.
I'm trying to change the text on the tool bar, to use the font SegoeUI. I have uploaded the font to a folder called fonts on my servers root.

I'm not sure if I'm suppose to upload the page here or just a sitelink to allow you to download the page.

Many thanks!

How to use 2 font on one CSS declaration.

Hi, How to use 2 font on one CSS declaration?

for example, im using wordpress. (#content:) default text align is left for post. Ok.
I want to make it like this, if I set text align : right, automactic use another font.

text-align left : Geogia
text-align right : Some Arabic font.

Can do this in wordpress theme CSS? I dont care if i need to use font-face.
Any ideas?. Thanks.

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