CSS Slideshow Transitions in Squarespace

I'm new to web design, and am using a Squarespace template. On my homepage I have a slideshow, and I am trying to ease the transitions between slides by inserting some snippet of CSS code. I found this page that shows a couple options. I used this snippet:

.slide {
  -webkit-transition: opacity 2000ms ease-in-out;
     -moz-transition: opacity 2000ms ease-in-out;
       -o-transition: opacity 2000ms ease-in-out;
          transition: opacity 2000ms ease-in-out;

Looking For Your Favorite CSS3 Code Snippets!

Hello all,

I am a staff writer over at WPMU.org and I am putting together an article that features top-notch CSS3 code snippets.

I'm looking for great little snippets of code that can do all sorts of interesting things for WordPress based websites. It could be funky formatting, interesting image placement...whatever takes your fancy.

Please note that the code has to be CSS3 compliant.

I would love to see any of your suggestions! Smile



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