Does hiding content using CSS will affect the site ranking?

In my website using the CSS properties like display: none and visibility: hidden - I hidden links and text on the website, but suggest that it will harm the website SEO factors. I was wondering is there any other ways to hide content on the website without CSS.


Hey everyone

I am Mk zaman from Bangladesh . i am new here in this community .. Please Give me some helpful suggestion if possible...

Mk zaman

SEO - What can I put above the h1 tag?

Hi folks,

I have done a search on this, and am struggling to find an answer.

I was wondering if it is possible to use special CSS tags above H1 in order to use as a kind of Master Header.

I am trying to make a Master header for my human visitors, but include the important keyword in the H1 tag underneath, to please GoogleBot.

Please see this link to view the 3 options:
www law-of-attraction tv/seo-question html
[sorry folks, but I had to remove the 3 dots, just get it to post]

Thank you.


CSS for SEO, how to display div in different order?

Hi guys,

Here is my HTML:


I use this to display polls, surveys, some ads on the top of the page.

Real content

I place here the real useful content for the user, bread crumb..etc

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