Fixed postion elements moving in Chrome on a 24 inch screen


I am building a horizontally scrollable virtual gallery where the images on the gallery wall are individually linked to their full-screen pages. The site has two narrow fixed menu bars on either side.

Element Moving with resizing window


I set up front form (yellow background) for the website Everything seems to run smooth only issue I have is that when window is resized form keeps moving.

I have tried putting form in "container" class but doesnt works.

following is the wordpress css file:

Any help would be really appreciated.


CSS Pricing Table

I have designed this pricing table myself and I'm having a little trouble getting it exactly how I would like it. I want the larger div to be in front of the smaller divs with a shadow around it. Also, I'd like the smaller divs to have a shadow as well. I'd also like to center the entire table on the page, right now it's sitting to the left.

To get height and widths, I've used classes like .h020 { height: 20px;} and .width33 { width: 33% }. I didn't include those in the css I pasted here as there's a lot of them.

Motzila firefox issue

Hi there,
I am currently implementing a site and I have a problem with firefox motzila.

The url of the site is:

In the Browse category the pagination(1,2,3..) is displayed in wrong position while
you are browsing with motzila.
But with chrore is looking fine.

Is anyone could help me?


CSS auto widthlayout

Hi Everybody,

I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of hours and need some advise.

All I want is for the "article_section" to auto adjust its width when the "side_bar" is not displayed. Please check my code below.

I am sure their is a very simple explanation however I am lost.

Thans very much


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