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Hi folks,

I have a question about List Style Images. I created a site that uses them in an unordered list as a drop down menu in the sidebar and the image I'm using for the bullet is 30px. It's quite a bit larger than the text that is being displayed next to it as the link for the page and the text displays at the bottom of the image. Is there anyway to correct it so that the text falls is aligned in the center of the image. Currently the sidebar list has different CSS than the rest of the lists in my site. Here is the CSS for this particular piece so far. Nothing extensive:

Newbie - Navigation bar won't go where I want it

Hello all,

I have been having some trouble with my css code. I am trying to change my navigation bar so that it uses a sprite, and that actually worked fine, as I copied most of the code from an online tutorial. However, I am struggling with getting the resulting navigation bar to go where I want it to, and fit within the classes I set earlier.

Here is my code so far. I am using a list "navlist" to contain the three navigation bar links (goals, issues, and getinvolved)

CSS Code:


cross resolution model selector for mobile app


I have a small app for mobile phones where i want to provide a small popup (not dropdown) select list. mainly to select different models and view its details. Is there a control or way to achive this?

rgds, AJ

Need to make my list have images to the side rather than bullet standards

I need the Image I have chosen which is a logo that is saved as a jpg to be the list bullets instead of your standard square or cirle or what have you. I have put in several different codes for the html and the css to try and match them up and cant seem to get it... Please help. Thank you so much in advance.

If you look at that link and the little logo to the right of text that is the logo to use for the nav links in the left of the page

//mod edit: Link fixed. Use BBCode or the link icon above (second from left). ~gt

Problem with 100% width- divs and in Firefox

Here is what I have so far:
Firefox 3.6 is showing a blank screen for everything I have set as 100% width but looks ok in Firefox 5.

My main concern at this point is this: I'm trying to figure out how to move the 4 navigation items (the owl, contact, portfolio and home) closer to the tree without going over or under it. Any help or suggestions I can get are much appreciated!


Here is my HTML:


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