How to use media queried for responsive layout

I need to design a website for making it responsive and mobile friendly. The current layout is table based. will it be easy to make it mobile friendly just by tweaking CSS (media queries) or need to change the HTML structure to table-less first?

Here is the website:

The inner pages are more complex. What is the best way to go mobile friendly?

make wrapper div to resize (fit) in mobile screen devices


check here:

This is the default protostart template of joomla 3. I have tested in various mobile devices and HTML/CSS seem to work. No breaks at all.

BUT when page loads in a mobile device, it does not re-fit to its window (screen resolution).

How can i make it fit to window (resize) on mobile devices?

Expanding form fields in mobile phones

I have a client who says that when he fills out forms on mobile phones, that the fields actually expand while he types into them, which makes them easier to see.
But he says my forms (which are ordinary forms) do not expand.
Does anyone know how this expansion of form fields is done?

cross resolution model selector for mobile app


I have a small app for mobile phones where i want to provide a small popup (not dropdown) select list. mainly to select different models and view its details. Is there a control or way to achive this?

rgds, AJ

CSS for mobile websites

I am developing a website for desktop. Now i have develop a website for mobile devices. For this how i call the css in asp pages and what media type i can use?

Please reply for this will be great helpful?


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