Have a header and navigation bar in one header div ?

I'm a beginner, so my HTML structure might not be the best and my CSS is definitely isn't so a clear and simple answer is much appreciated.

I want to have a header div where I'll have a Luke and at the right a navigation bar. All in one div

Here's my HTML :

Navigation bar with hidden submenus - background

I've just begun my adventure with CSS and now I'm making navigation bar with hidden submenus. I use a www editor and there're bar with... creator, but only with color background. And I want image background, so I've changed it and my was there. But my bar was still in incorrect place. So I've tried to changed it and it was succes, but the background was gone! Now i can't fix it. Please, help me!!!
Here is css script:

.menu-menu, .menu-menu * {
.menu-menu {

Trying to Make My Second Menu Appear in Navigation Menu.

Hello all,

I have a problem that my 2nd submenu in this menu is not showing up. Here is my Html and CSS, please let me know what you see. (i am designing each menu/submenu separately because it can look how I want it to)

lists and list items:

<div id="personalMenuWrapper">
<div id="navMenu">
	<li><div id="textalign">health</div>
          <li><div id="subMenu1">skin care</div>
            	<li><div id="subMenu2"><a href="#">under construction</a></div></li>

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