Active link not visible

Hi there,

I made a simple non-cms site for my employer ( Now when I click a link in the main navigation bar, you can't see that the link is active.

I made the site in Dreamweaver with a template, where I attached some css-files to. Down here is the css-file I used for the main navigation.

/* ----------------------------------- */
/* Definition for mainNavigation-hover */
/* Active werkt nog niet*/
/* ----------------------------------- */
#mainNavigation a:hover, #mainNavigation a:active{

CSS links question(s) goes.

I am redoing my website. I am adding horizontal links.
The confusion is coming as to what is suppose to go into each section, or NOT go into each section. Puzzling. I have listend and read so many topics, but I have yet to find an answer.

So here would be my supposed div's for horizontal links (I will not include the div's because those I have on the html page, and that is not what I am questioning...well not yet anyway.

museum site - css/sidebar

Hello. I am a not so good webmaster as I dont know css. Am in school studying it and in the meantime I help keep up a web site, but I don't use hardly any css. I use the old method inline css what I can get out of my books and web. I'd like to post a side bar to the left of my prsent content area.

I have a wrapper I believe around the content. I can use the inside of it or outside, whatever would be easy to edit later like remove & add another photo or text.

Am I posting this right by asking for the css? Thanks in advance. Oh my site is - thanks! Doug

Active List Style Link Issue.

Picture 7.png

I'm having issues trying make the .active link that's within the blue background be white. I currently have it setup so when you hover over the links it displays white no problem. But I can't find a way so that if I'm on a cetain page the link color stays white with the blue background. I've tried everything I can think of, but I've had no luck. I am fairly new to CSS and would appreciate any kind of advice.

This is the code that I'm using in the style sheet.

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