Simple css layout for four rows

I have a page which has five inner div's and one outer div.. the problem is i want to set everything to my screen without getting scroll bars.. i mean the page for 100% screen.. how much may be the content, it should come without scroll bars... and it should work well in all browsers and also in all screen types.. to get all the content in the middle of the page i gave some pixels to outer div's width and height... am newbie to css.. please help me out..

here is my code:


body, html { font-family:helvetica,arial,sans-serif; font-size:90%; }

CSS Layouts - dynamic columns

I have for you a very urgent request. I will be grateful for your help.

Namely, I want to format the skeleton using css. I sat on it a long time and I tried to do this using CSS, and something did not go.

"body" - to be stretched to the full browser window horizontally and vertically

div "background" - to be stretched to the full browser window horizontally and vertically

div "page" - that was inside the "background" and was in the middle and the height and width of the browser window 1000px

How can i use selectors to layouts

Laughing out loud
I have some concerns about a homework in my class. This Homework is about apply some selectors to the layouts and donĀ“t do long the stylesheet.

I'm learning now about html and css. How can i use the selectors in layouts or divs, for example this selestors,
to apply this selectors to layouts without text,they just have colors.
(and i learning english, excuseme for the orthography)

Please help with opera!

Hi, this is the first time I am posting on this forum and I really hope someone can help me out!
I have built my own wordpress theme and it works in IE firefox and safari, but in opera it all goes crazy Sad
You can see the problem here:

Any suggestions would be really appreciated! TIA

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