Setting the alignment of buttons in HTML/CSS

Hi There;

I am a bit new to HTML / CSS programming. There are some
I tried to create a button layout.(called leftMenu) I would like to list buttons at the left side of the page and one button correspond exactly one line. I mean :

- A button have long word -
- button1 -
- button2 -
- button3 -

But in my code, it looks like that:


Space above fixed navbar in Chrome

I'm designing and developing a site with a fixed navigation bar at the top of the page. So far, I've tested the page in Chrome and IE, and IE displays it fine (ironic, isn't it?) while in chrome the bar isn't exactly at the top of the page: there is a small space above it. Does anyone know what the problem is? It's likely something simple I overlooked. Also, I'm fairly new to web designing, so please point out any inaccuracies in my markup or style.

Here is the CSS...

body {margin: 0; padding: 0; background-color: #000;}

Help;Same css style ,but get different apperance on different pages in one site

I am doing my excise for html/css course.We are suppose to make a portfolio with at least 4 xhtml files.
After i have done the first one ,i copied the code to make other files ,but i find that one page has different layout from the others,there is a space between the browsers top side and the header,while it should be no space.Here is the link to the two pages:
The first file :
The second file:

Image and text help - Display images next to text. (Layout Help )

urgent Help:

Hi I am trying to replicate the following image in HTML and CSS:

I ahve included my code so far. Could some please please help me and let me know If I'm going in the right direction or perhaps add the correct code so I can see what is happening and why.



<div class="container">

Layout help - 2 images and text

Hi there, I am trying to create in html and css a layout exactly the same as what I have included ( example.jpg)


I beleive the best way to have this would be to have


I would like to ahve Div's inside Div's, would this be the best way ?

I ahve included my html code so far and my css.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you Smile


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