Help with dropdown submenus

hello all!
im having trouble building the right menu i need, its a jquery lavalamp, with 3 level dropdown submenus,

ive found a lot of open source code out there but none really matched my needs, ive started modifying some of them but i always run into some problems.

im getting very close using the code found here

ive improved it if anyone is interested in using my version.

ive fixed the anoying queuing of dropdowns,

Scrolling image in different speed and direction


Im a newbie in CSS (and english for that matter Puzzled )but i have started
to figure it out more and more (CSS. I have been working with a layout
and now Im stuck and need some help

Here's the problem:

I have one fixed image and a second image as a background (absolute).
Now I want to make a third image thats moving in the opposite direction
(slower or faster) then the scrollbar speed. How can I make the third
image move like that? The goal with all this is to make an illusion of 3D

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